Tuesday, November 10

a friend

When u r one looking for a friend,
u go blind of the ones closest to you.
Why? Because u feel like u don’t connect with them,as if u have nothing in common any longer, as if u r drifting apart - although close, but seem so far away.
But maybe u feel like they’re not good enough for u,
or just too good for u?
U won’t open up to them,
u’ll just keep urself invisible,
as if not in their world – the reality world.This is when u think u r in real need of a friend.
When u feel lonely n need someone to talk to.
Someone to comfort u when sad, and also when u feel like u don’t belong. It feels as if there, but non-existent.

The jokes they exchange together may not make u laugh,
because it hurts u too; in some other way.
Why? It may all be laugh n games for them, but what do they know of ur feelings..?Maybe they won’t know if u won’t tell, so..would u tell?
Would they know if u just kept quiet n sulk there all alone..no..This is where u start to find a friend that’ll probably understand u, that’ll be there to support n cheer u up.
But that friend is not the one before eyes.
It is someone u rarely meet but somehow u feel like u relate to each other. There is only one thing that connects u both – the mobile phone.
The most important medium to that precious friend of urs’.When the one close to u hurts feelings, u turn to that mobile friend to console u.

When u feel lonely in a crowd of friends, u turn to the mobile friend to accompany u
Whenever u feel bored, that mobile friend is always there to answer ur calls. Until eventually one day,
U WILL really really drift apart from the relationship with ur friends that are close to u.
No longer sharing, no longer talking, joking, laughing, n hanging out together feels like a job.
U feel like u’ve actually matured, feels like friends are not that important. Because that mobile friend had turned into ‘someone special’ to u – lover. And that is enough to make u feel needed, n loved.
Feels like friends are just a waste of emotions, when they don’t really bother to ask how u feel.
When all they do is purposely insinuate u –hurting ur feelings even more.

U created ur own world with ur new friend, but u don’t look closely at the one close friend who really understands u, who knows the way u eat, the way u brush ur hair, all the small things u get excited about, and the small things that even u don’t notice about urself. Only the ones close to u knows all that.

Appreciate the ones near u, u will really really regret it when there’re gone.

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