Friday, July 24

to Kuantan or not to Kuantan THAT is the question!

Photobucket hye hye hye !! Photobucket

FINALLY i have my own free time to type a new post for my blog! yay!

i'm kinda excited because i have lots to tell
but then again, i always forget what i wanna say..huh
~kinda like a short-term memory thing
BUT! dont worry, it'll come back..eventually..

anyway.. i have been really busy since the first week of living in Kuantan!
new lecturers, new juniors (which i havent got the chance to meet n do the get-to-know stuff), new course codes yang memeningkan (buku2 xsampai lagi, thats why pening huh~)
and also new responsibilities (Bendahari for Business n Accountancy Society)

and the OLD?
well, Kuantan is still Kuantan;
not much has changed since the past 2months i was away from KTN
the roads are still the same - the wait for the green light is still set on 99seconds!
mega still the same, ec mall just as expensive as it always have been,
n giant just as stuffy as always..
shops are still offering the old stuff, nothing new..
hey but The Store @ Kuantan Parade has really changed!!
with a new layout and a new variety of clothes n stuff,
The Store is the new favourite shopping stop..!
GO CRAZY SHOPPING!! weee~~ Photobucket

but the one thing that im thankful with
n that i hopefully pray will NOT change is
Telok Chempedak..!
the only beach i could reach from here (my rumah sewa)..huh!
TC is the only place i could find peace n calmness
eventhough it receives many visitors,
the quiet-ness and tranquility of the sea is still visible
One can stare far out into the vastness of the ocean
and be lost in it for a while..
with just a fraction of a second
be able to leave behind all the problems in the world..
n that is why i love the sea n the Beach!

all in all
i feel like there is more exploring to be done in kuantan
bukit gambang resort city n waterpark
is a definite place to be explored
it was recently officiated by the MB KTN last week
but the whole place will be completed and opened to public by August!
I can't wait to spend some happy times with my friends when the time comes
(its suppose to be the biggest water theme park in Malaysia)
is it or is it not? we'll just have to wait n c no..? Photobucket

alyzv~ pls take good care of ur hygiene, just to be safe from the H1N1 virus..

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