Thursday, May 14

why i missed the old times aka 'before IT happened'

just yesterday i went to my old school ( SMK Putrajaya 2 ) to send the KFC bucket my bro Emil ordered ( mentang2 la akk dia ade kete, kite la jadi kuli dia ) but who cares, at least i could see my old school again..

Emil asked me to wait at the canteen, n that was when i started missing my high school years...
now the canteen has more variety of food!! best nyeee!!
n it looks much more decent n clean.. =D
i saw a few students at the canteen, n how i wished that i was still wearing that blue kain.. * tapi mase skola dulu punya la harap sangat kuar dari skola tu ;P

well after that i went up to Emil's classroom..warna warni gile!!
they repainted the classrooms!! PINK! BLUE! GREEN!
im not sure if there are any other colours, but their classes were sooo colourful! rase cam berminat je nak blaja taw..
n they really put in so much effort to decorate their classroom, lawa gile!!
i geram, coz i was comparing their classroom to my classroom back in kuantan, which is dull n boring..sometimes i wonder how i could survive that place!!!

okei2..back to the story bout my school..
after that tour, i greeted my teachers!! how i missed them!!
n i forgot to greet them as 'Cikgu' coz i was so used to calling my lecturers 'Puan'
but it was ok, i was so glad to meet my teachers after a long long time..!!
espacially Pn Rohana, my Add Maths teacher and Pn Siti Asiah my Accounts teacher..
they inspired me to become who i am now, peminat gile account n also maths!!

so, disamping tu i would like to wish
HAPPY TEACHERS DAY to all teachers out there, and to everyone that has taught me everything i ever knew ( this includes my friends, family, and the makcik2 at the bus stands who showed me how i should respect my elders ) =)

conclusion is...that u should cherish the time u have in school, don't waste it..
coz u will DEFINITELY miss ur school when u grad!TRUST ME!!
even if u say u won't..U WILL..!!

alyzv~live ur life to the fullest, think positive..


Att said...

rindunya kt skola dlu
mmg dlu wish sgt dpt kuar from dat school cpt2, kan?

alyzV~ said...

1 miss those care-free days..
lau wat reunion kt kawasan skola kn besh =D