Saturday, May 16

the 2nd brightest star next to the moon

earlier, maryam called me from terengganu, dia ade event kt citu
she told me that she was amazed at how beautiful the sky was tonight,
it was a black canvas sprinkled with cute little stars

memang nikmat tgk bintang2 kat area2 pantai timur
i know, because i love hanging out at Telok Chempedak
whenever i have the chance
i look for my own star,
hey why not there's a lot of stars in the sky,
why not name one after ME!!
that way whenever i look at the night sky, i will always know
what to look out for..
who knows, maybe someone somewhere out there is also sharing the same star

all i'm saying is that eventhough the world is facing a bagful of problems,
'money' being the most controvertional issue,
remember that the best things in life ARE free and its just right in front of u,
grab it while u can... ;)

alyzv~tak sabar menanti hari esok!!

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