Wednesday, May 6

when the lion met the bull...

the great Lion had a crush on the Cat.
even though they were cousins, the Lion can't resist the Cat's power of attraction.
they were made for each other;
the Lion realized that the Cat was the missing piece to his heart puzzle
he tried to do everything in his power to gain the love of the Cat
he took her out star-grazing, rolled in flowers and even caught the Cat's favourite fish.
it was not long after that,
the Cat fell in love with the Lion.

it was a fine day for the Cat and the Lion.
they went out looking for new things to do together
talking n laughing, meow-ing n purr-ing.
all was fun n happy between the Lion and the Cat.
they had a really great time together.

till it got late..
it's already 10pm and the Lion had to return the Cat to its owner - fast!

but it was too late, the Cat's owner, the Bull had already seen the Lion n the Cat from afar
and the Bull looked like he wanted to charge the Lion n kill him.
instead, the Lion greeted the Bull as calmly as he could
the Bull was calm, but the Cat knew that that wasn't the end of that
the Lion tried to invite the Bull for a drink, but he refused.
the Cat felt like she knew what was on the Bull's mind..
but maybe it was just a silly feeling..

so,that was the story of when the Lion met the Bull...
interesting, or boring as it may seem
don't u ever wonder why the Bull didn't just charge the Lion
the Bull as strong as he is, would be capable enough to take down the Lion
but why didn't he?

However, the Cat was proud and respected the Lion as courageous as he is born to be able to face the big Bull.

the Lion? well, he's quite happy to have met the Bull face to face..
could it be a mark of a new relationship

wait and see

alyzv~ ada makna tersirat dalam blog kali nie, pandai2 la merungkaikan nye..

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