Friday, May 8

my review for Slumdog Millionaire (the book)

i just bought the book Slumdog Millionaire by Vikas Swarup 3days ago
and i managed to finish it today.. YAY!!

well, dah lama dah nk tgk cite nie tapi i can't get my hands on the movie DVD version ( cetak rompak da makin susah nk dicari ),
so i was interested in reading its B&W version when i saw it @ MPH Alamanda..

I didn't know that the movie was adapted from a novel by this Vikas Swarup, and it was the picture of that guy and girl from the movie that caught my eye.

I like the way the author tells his story, it was as if i was listening to the tales a friend by the name of Ram Mohamad Thomas.
it sound weird, which is a combination of Hindu + Muslim + Christian
however later on in the book we'll find out why he has 3 different names..

and we also find out how he managed to win a billion rupees in this game show 'Who Wants to Win a Billion' in India..
there are 12 questions that must be answered correctly i order for him to win that much amount of cash
and we are brought to 12 different scenes in his life, where he experiences the answers to the questions..
most of the time it was his luck and coincidence that has helped him along the way...

from the day he was born ( abandoned in front of a church by his mother ) and all through this teenagers' life, we see the reality on the life on the people in India..which is sad and full of injustice..

well..there are certain parts in the story that i didnt quite favour, which was when the author touched abit on the violence of Muslims in India..
it may be quite controversional, which was probably why this movie didnt make it into Malaysia's theaters...??

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