Sunday, September 7

How To Polish A Shoe Very Well

"This has nothing to do with a boy polishing a man's shoe, but the main point here is WHY is that boy polishing the man's shoe"   

As I mark my 1 year in employment, 
I came to realize that shoe polishing is a 'technique' most delicate that only some ppl has the gift to do so. 

Here in Malaysia, we call it Mengipas. Deriving from the work Kipas = Fan. 
Meaning doing something to keep the other person happy and cool. 
 I'm not sure what they call it in other parts of the world. 
But I am sure it exists everywhere.

It is a required skill, especially if you are in marketing or sales.
To be able to influence an Eskimo to buy a pack of ice. 
To be able to convince your boss in to giving you less work with huge responsibility PLUS salary increment. = Ini la salah satu dari teknik mengipas.

There are two kinds of employee:
1) The Sweet Talker (aka Yang Mengipas)
2) The Workaholic (basically those who just come to work for WORK)

Normally the workaholic minds his/her own business. 
Whatever the boss says he/she will do as long as they don't kacau.
Once in a while the workaholic will protest if others are given less work but they might do it anyway in the end. 
If not, there are other workaholics. Not to worry boss. 

The Sweet Talkers will try to worm their way out of work and into the boss's heart. 
Most of the time, seems like they don't have any work to do but to entertain the boss.

And there are some times a person can be both. 
For that person, I give my utmost respect!

I'm really no expert at this mengipas thing, but it's just my observation on things.
Have kept this post for too long and felt like just bringing it out there.

Bubye and happy weekend!~ 

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