Sunday, March 24

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Since we were little kids, in kindy, teacher will always ask the question,

"What is your ambition?"

Then all the kids will shout out very eagerly,

"I wanna be a doctor!"
"A Pilot!"
"I want to be Superman!"

Oh yeah and i remember one kid who wanted to become 
Ronald McDonald...hahah funny kid
though i always hated CLOWNS!

Well, as they say kids do say the darnest things,
we only say those things because it seemed like the BEST JOB in the world
we see it through role models around us,
our parents or other adults, TV shows, cartoons, oh and in the case of that McDonald kid - our favourite food place.

But look at urself now,
have u become what u say u wanted to when u were a child?

If u have..well done u've fulfilled ur dreams :)
If not..then go find ur dream

What i'm trying to say here is that our ambitions changed and evolved as we get older.
As we learn and gain experience through time we 
understand our true interests and strengths.

My ambition when i was a kid was to become a Scientist.
Because i really LOVE science
I love to invent things and do experiments.

Look at me now..a player of numbers
an Accountant.

It's not exactly my dream job, 
but it's one that pays.
One that i require myself to go through,
so that i can move on to my dreams.

Nonetheless i would have to make due of what i have,
and look at things in a positive manner.

In a way i am still a Scientist, 
i study the numbers that are given for me to review and recalculate
according to the standard formula
and i make sure nothing blows up.

As we grow, we see the world in a more realistic view.
We adapt our ambitions to our goals in life.

Put it this way,
We go to school because our parents ask us to,
we get good grades because it's the only way to get praise,
to please our parents and teachers.
As we get older we go to college,
we gain the grades so that we get a nice clean certificate.
Something in black and white that says that,
"Hey I am qualified for the job. Hire me!"

 The job u get after college may just be what u need,
the ticket to get some money of ur own. 
To lessen the burden on ur parents,
to pay for your own car
and buy a house
But is that enough?

Did u achieve ur dreams?
Are u satisfied with just that?

One is never satisfied until they found that money is never the answer to everything.

I see many working moms, working hard to support her family.
I do respect that they are able to juggle work and home.
But the consequence is lesser time with her kids. 
It may sound sad. 
I grew up with parents who came home late,
i know how it feels like to have both working parents. 
My nenek was my caretaker. 

The thing is i only got closer to my mom after i went to college. 

Sometimes i worry that i'll become something like that one day,
the career-driven mom. 

Just acknowledge the fact that
A career may have positive and negative effects to ones life.
U may face stress anywhere u go,
it's a challenge that everyone will face.
So just man up and prove that u can do it.
That's the way to grow.

Never change ur true self, 
and keep on playing. 

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