Sunday, October 28

On Being Self-Righteous

Politeness, n. The most acceptable hypocrisy. - Ambrose Bierce, The Devils' Dictionary, 1911

So u say u're the nice guy/girl
to be appreciated and loved by everyone

At least that's what u believed.

'Tis true when they say that people wear masks
to protect from the eyes of others.


I don't know why, it's just the kind of culture here,
whenever someone does something perceived as unfavourable to society
ada je yang tak kena, walaupun benda tu kecik je.
it's difficult to find someone who is straight forward to say it.
Only cynical @ sarcastic remarks are tossed to and fro
What if the person it is meant for doesn't realized it is for him/her?
Then he/she will forever more be doing the things 'society' find annoying,
he/she will never be able to realize this or at least try to fix it.
If he/she still doesn't change, then just be it
No more gossiping,
that's just the way he/she is made!

Isn't it just tiring to live a life of hypocrisy?
Claiming urself to be so self-righteous, but u know deep in ur heart
u are not that nice.

This is just a reminder for me as well as my friends,
be nice to ur friends,
some are worth being close to, while some u are not meant to be with.
If ever there is anything wrong that's been said n done,
at least tell that person and maybe he/she will change
hey, there's no harm in trying right
sama-sama dapat pahala kan
insya Allah~ :)

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