Tuesday, July 24

The Thing About Service

To like or not to like? That is the question

Here in Malaysia, every time we go somewhere with a counter i.e the bank or any government office,
we see these small boxes slitted at the top and pasted with 2 faces,
a happy smiley face AND a sad/angry? face
It serves as a little paperbin so you could throw away those angka giliran since you won't need it in the future right?

That's what you THINK it is,
but it acts as a tool for rating customer satisfaction
whether you liked the service of officer that attended to your wants? 

Sometimes it bums me to see that the thumbs up box is almost full, BUT it is clearly seen that the service is BAD!

A long wait in line is just as bad a service as having an unenthusiastic officer attending to us. 

"Dalam hati merungut2 dan kutuk 
(bertambah la dosa kecil waktu puasa ni)
Penat aku tunggu, macam ni dia layan kita, nasib la kat situ je boleh buat benda alah ni!"

Yes, these people have feelings too, they might not help being blue and all. 
The lack of workers behind the counter could also lead to the stress they face, PLUS just trying to face all sorts of the customers demands and such.

To KNOW and to UNDERSTAND what it's like to work in the service business is two different things.
Only some have the gift of working with people, whilst some would rather sit behind office cubicles - ignorant of the world beyond administration and operation floors.

Always thought the Cheshire cats' smile was creepy

Tak ada guna buat kempen senyumlah kalau ia berlangung on the first few months je,
Poster tunjuk muka awek yang comel-comel dok ajak kami senyum, tapi yang belakang kaunter tu buat sebaliknya.

Kadang-kadang pelanggan yang terasa masam, moody boleh rasa ceria bila ada yang senyum, JUST SMILE (senyum tu kena la ikhlas,kan ke senyum tu sedekah) kalau dia masam jugak, biar la.

A little act of kindness won't hurt right. Even if it's just a smile, it could make anyone's day better. :)

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