Thursday, February 9

Effing Thursday

'Kalau kita sayang n suka kan seseorang tu tak semestinya 
akan dibalas"
-Le Ex-bf, Feb 2011

Tak sangka yang lelaki yg lisa kenal 
mase skola menengah dah matang camtu.
But still, u have no 2nd chance man.

from google~

On to a different note,
today was a quite demotivating day.
Just as i was on my way to key in the transactions for this enterprise
accounts im handling, the UBS software in my lappy HAD to have the gliches TODAY!

Felt like killing something,
but instead i went on to 'torture' myself with organizing 
the files and documents in the store room.
(along with some other friends)
Just didn't feel like sitting in front of the lappy.

My friend keeps on counting the days of our off day,
when we finally get to sleep soundly.

It's not like me, to bitch on my job
here, but here i am doing so.
It's just so i could remind myself to find that outgoing girl,
i ask myself 
'do i look like im incapable of doing anything?'

They'll just have to see dont they,
wait n see.

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