Wednesday, October 19

Normal Circumstances

It's hard to be normal when all i see is abnormal.

Sometimes i wonder how one defines 'Normal'?
Is it normal when one is busy being active in other stuff while everyone else is happy with one activity?
Is it normal when one is seen eating alone while others are happily dining together?

How does one define 'Happy'?

Normal could be what everybody (the majority) is doing right now.
If one task is done in a defined way, everyone else MUST follow suit
The status quo as some may say it.
However, we can't say that EVERYBODY is normal.

Different people do things differently,
they see the world in a different perspective
What other people see is just the other side of the mirror
but it is just possible that what is abnormally crazy for others
is just plain normal to u.

Don't be Afraid to Be Different.

Under normal circumstances,
i wouldn't do what i've been doing right now
However, i believe nothing in anybody's life IS normal
Surprises come flying into my face in 
many unexpected packages
Some make me happy, some are just too much and makes me 
want to break down and cry.

It's these surprises that keeps me going
i never know what will come
(but my instincts always comes in hand)
However, being the stubborn little me
I rarely listen to my conscience.
Ever more inviting those surprises to come.

Under normal circumstances,
i'd never do crazy stuff
i'd never get the results i needed
i'd never be where i am right now.

No, i don't regret the least
I just believe that Everything happens for a Reason.
Time has taught me to be Patient, and not-so-normal anymore.

Nothing is normal right now,
Normal to me is Boring.

alyzv~sesi keluhan seorang alyssavillamor

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