Monday, August 15

My Grandma is My Little Sister

Having one little Grandma is like having my own little Sister. And i hate little sisters.  
(the fact that i have only a little brother)

I never liked little sisters. The way they always try to annoy you. Sticking to you like glue and never gets the clue that you need to be alone. She always seems to pop-up out of nowhere! At most times, when we don't need them to.
Although yes, i don't have one, i can still imagine having one.

However i still respect my Grandma. She was the one that liked to pamper me with gifts. I guess i was spoiled as a little child. Always getting all the candy i ever wanted. Bringing me to shops to look for a new toy. And now she is looking for that again. The chance to be spoiled.

My family doesn't quite work that way, we're individualistic beings. I only realized this quite recently when each of us (all 5 people) have our own favourite spot within the house (apart from each other). The only thing that managed to make us come together is the PC at the living room. But it's only when we watch movies and tv shows. And my Grandma still thinks it's a TV.
Well, you can't blame her. Back in her days, it was the TV that had magical powers to unite the people in the house. Every crappy show was worth watching coz your spending time with your family. 

My Grandma is like a little sister, annoying but adorable. She doesn't even know she's doing it! Annoying how? She keeps asking the same questions over and over again. 

-Where to put her dirty clothes?
-What time is sahur?
-Where is everybody else?

At one point you can predict what she may say as she opens her mouth. At one point you start to grow tired and try to avoid her eye contact. Run away.

She is at times adorable,though i try not to treat her like a little child, i still believe i'm not good with children. I have too much irony in me. I admit tis one of my bad traits. She is returning to her childhood memories and sometimes thinks i'm her youngest daughter (who died at an early age). Something i've tried to explain time and time again. She lives in the past.

All i can say is she just needs Attention, Love and Care. One that a mom could give to her child. One that could be shared from one girl to another. A little sister just needs someone to talk to. Someone she could look up to. So that she could be just like her Big Sister.

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