Wednesday, July 27

Alyssa: Change Agent

its a 5-day course!damn long!

VCSP 5 Pillar Attributes of UiTM Gradutes
* 0% Unemployment for UiTM graduates
*Starting salary from RM4000+

I have to admit, i felt like killing the person that suggested my name to join this thing-y
BUT in the end i realized that everything that happens has its reason .. 
so Thank You (u know who u are)

VCSP aka Vice Chancellor Special Project is what i've been told to attend,
but little did i know that it would be the type of experience i'll NEVER forget!


Here's the gist of what this course is suppose to be about (note the above letters)

Critical Thinking
Creative Thinking
Efficient Communication 

Basically it's about instilling these 5+1 attributes within our souls 
and,us,being the Change Agents are bestowed the responsibility to spread this idea amongst our fellow UiTM peeps~

Sounds simple eh? 
I think it is quite a burden to carry, but where there's a will there will definitely be a way!
Research revealed that a high percentage of employers look for these main attributes within future employees (in this case,fresh graduates).

In my opinion, the attribute that needed the most polishing up is
Efficient Communication
The problem i see among UiTM students is that they are still afraid to speak in English
NO..they are not afraid, they are passive, shy and not brave enough to break free from their comfort zone. (not all,not u,but some are)

Since most of our syllabus are in English, it shouldn't be a problem for students to understand and speak the language
Sadly though some are still struggling .. too afraid to take on the opportunity to speak.
Some still afraid that friends would laugh at their funny accent or bad grammar
If u don't try, u will never know u can do it. 
Don't let what people say get to you, it will never get u anywhere.

The most important lesson i learned though-out those excruciating 5 days was

"Stress is just a State of Mind"

YES..rasa mcm nak mati!
I was too stressed out, overwhelmed by the tons of tasks at hand and little amount of time to accomplish them
I lost my head and at times felt that i wasn't into the game.

In the end, i realized that time stops for no one, THINGS HAPPEN and when it happens 


In the end, i didn't just learn about the LCCEET in those 5 days in UiTM Shah Alam
I learnt about how to manage my self and others as well.

We all have to begin from some where
Let's Change ! =)

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