Thursday, December 16

Combination: Dragons + Hot Prince~

I'm still in shock and awe after watching NARNIA: Voyage of the Dawn Treader..
Just because of HIM!!
PRINCE CASPIAN!! *insert excited fangirl scream*

The movie was made more exciting cos my friend (ehem, u know who u are) and i
seemed like the only ones 'excited' every time he shows up 

Okeii..back to what i though about the story line~
For me, its just another same old Narnia movie
(the kids get called into another adventure into Narnia cos there's danger..blah.blah.blah)
PLUS there's also the 'Pirates of The Caribbean' aura!
Cliche stuff

There's the annoying cousin - that makes u feel like u want him killed in the movie
There's always the tempation thing-y that always happen when ur @ sea - Greed for Fame, Gold and Glory
There's the HOT Prince who saves the movie from being such a bore! ahaha
Then there's the..em..girl trying to be a woman 

Aha! It's a coming of age movie!
Somehow its been a long time since i've been to the cinema
So..layan je la..BEST!

for the movie treat ^^
Tak puas hangout dgn u..!!

How many stars?
U should watch it..NOW!

alyzv~still caught up in the world of Princes and fairytales.

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