Wednesday, December 1

The Bees and the Birds

even google thought it was an absurd idea!
I've always wondered,
Why do grown ups describe sex to 'the birds and the bees' ??

As a little girl, i didn't even ask my mom where babies come from
well..maybe i just don't remember if i've asked?
or maybe i'm not a curious child then..

Aha..but the real Q now is, WHY am i bringing up this topic??
Its just coz i saw some birds today, and i this lovely idiom popped inside my head..

Then i checked in Wikipedia:

"~ is used in reference to teaching someone (kids) about sex/pregnancy thus to avoid speaking openly and technically about the subject.
It is a metaphorical story sometimes told to children in an attempt to explain the how sexual intercourse works by referring to easily observed natural events. "

Aha! It makes perfect sense!
So instead of explaining how homo sapiens do it, grown up say it in a way that
the birds and the bees do it as well..right?
Then as a curious little kid, i'll be looking for a bird or a see if its true!
Haha..That's sex education for ya!
Imagine if the sex education implemented in schools will start to sound like Biology!?
Coz thats how the 'Grown Ups' want u to think.
See Malaysia plans sex ed for 6 year olds.

alyzv~BTW..have u ever wondered if birds have baby bumps?? 

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