Thursday, November 25

In Case of ...

Your car gets Banged !

Yeah..i know it doesn't sound right in many ways 
but thats how my dad told the situation - 'You banged my Daughters car!'
So, in the case ur car gets..ehem..banged
(as a little reminder for me as well)

- Enough credit in your phone !! 
- Always bring along your DIGITAL CAMERA (to take pictures for evidence!)
- Your insurance company phone number 
- Someone else with u in the car (for moral support)
- check to see if u n the passenger is ok..traumatize maybe?
- then only check for the damage on ur car
- most importantly : the COURAGE n WILL to stand up for your rights (the TRUTH will always stand) trying to think positive on what happened to me today..

i now know how it feels like when a car hits another car (MINE!)
I DON'T have to go to one of those #$%^& funfairs with the bumper car rides anymore
i now know what to do in case someone wants to 'kiss' my car .. again..
i now know who to rely on 
AND i'll think of this song just to keep me a little happy..

She BANGS ! ;p


Bugboyz91 said...

xde pe2 jd
datang shah alam ea LYSA..:)

Aisyah AR said...

I had a few accidents before!!! Yup, there's one worst accident ever in my life!!! Just before my P licence being upgrade to permanent!!
I got lucky coz my record all clean. but those accidents, really gave me nightmares!!!

glad that ur ya...

Naphtha Linux said...

be brave!! thats right lyssa ;)

Naphtha Linux said...

be brave..thats right lyssa he3...

Alyssa Villamor said...

toto: hehe thanks toto, da g s.alam pun kan2...bru nk balas comment :P

aisyah: thanks dear! thankfully im not in a trauma after this accident, i still wanna drive!hehe :)

napththa: thanks :)