Sunday, September 12

Recap of ME-laka

Updates of Alyssa Villamor~

Some may be wondering where i am right now,

I'm now studying HERE.

yes..that building there..
(this pic was taken from my hostel room) 

Soo..what have i been doing this past 3 months?

made some new friends
(my classmates from BACC4F)

took a pic with my student card..huhu
(whilst waiting for the lec to come)

totally decorated my table ! 
(which i dont normally do at home! haha)

got excited ~ filling in my first Banci :p
(some people may call me weird taking a pic of this banci form..huhu)

walked around Mahkota Parade & Dataran Pahlawan
AND took pictures! 

me with my house mate, Izzah~
we lost our other friends coz they were
'rambang mata' :P

aha! my housemates! =)

wanted to donate blood
but somehow i cant ~ low blood pressure =(
BUT i discovered that im a Type O !
hello O-ians..hehe

Ramadan Comes Along - 11 August 2010

mama and Emil came to Melaka on my birthday..yay!
it was the 1st of Ramadan
we buka puasa @ Seoul Garden
it was a weird but nice experience, coz we ate sooo quickly
so that the food wont over burn
the other customers were eating so calmly ! 
(tak tau pulak kte boleh control api tu ;p)

Izzah n I took the bus to Melaka Central
and crossed the flyover to get to Tesco
so that we can go to the Bazaar Ramadan @ Taman Cempaka
(haha very long walk eyh)

 buka puasa with my BACC4F peeps =)
ate a lot that night..

 27 August 2010
went to my first debate competition @ MMU
no, we didnt get any trophy but we gained lots of valuable experience 

Fiki and i with Azim's cat..
yes its a cat la, not a carpet :P

Joined MEBA's Ihya Ramadan @ Masjid Selat
a mosque by the beach ~ nice view =)

me, Ekin and Izzah walked from our hostel 
to Jonker Walk
a 20 minutes walk..!
but didnt feel tired cos it was night time

we lepak in front of a'Famosa and enjoyed the night view
had a few laughs on the kind of songs the beca plays :p
(eg: Nobody-Wondergirls and some upbeat shuffle song)

NOW im back at home
'enjoying' my 2 weeks holiday ~
Happy Hari Raya ! ^^

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