Thursday, May 27

Mother's Are Our First Teachers

I've been very busy yesterday
jogging by day,
taking my granma to the hospital and,
preparing for my 1st interview !

Yeah, not much of a 'WOW' job,
just as Customer Service Assistant,
heh sounds cool, but it's just a fancy job way of saying 'U Jaga Buku'...hehe

This is where i'll be working at! ;)

Then i went home with a very content heart,
but a really tired body, and went to sleep straight-away..

But what i'm trying to point out in today's post is
what i saw @ the hospital (Putrajaya) earlier yesterday.
About a Mom & her daughters~

So we were waiting @ the Gyne center 
*in case u don't know what that is, try looking it up in google kayh ;)
Everyone was waiting for their turn to see the doc 
(some had waited >2hours!)
all the pregnant moms! 
they could have given birth right there n then..! huhu =_=
Then there was this mom, who was also pregnant
and brought her 3 little daughters,
all wild and noisy..running around @ the hospital
*macam tadika lak rasa

Then this lady and her husband walked by,
her husband was on a wheelchair,
and the lady was OKU also
well..she walked differently..
Then these little girls, asked her mom,

'Why is she walking like that?"

Over and over again they asked,
but their mom just kept quiet
and shrugged..
not wanting to encourage her daughters inquisitive minds..
Then..what happened next is what made me sad..
Those 3 little girls laughed at the way the lady was walking,
and mimicked it as well..
The mom? Well...she seemed busy waiting for her turn to see the doc
And just said

'Apalah..bising lah' that all u can say when ur children are
make fun of other people
and 'special' people at that?!
What if ur kid was like that,
what would u feel if some other kid were to laugh at ur child??

I am really blessed to have a Mom that really answers all my Q..
well, being a little girl i never asked too much
(my bro was the pro at that department..hehe)
i only liked reading books, n doing 'science experiments'
And mama encouraged that in her children
up till now..
Thanks Mama =)

And to all Moms out there,
U r what u make of ur children
Their future depends on you 
That's the 'bonus' of being a Mom ~~ =)


RoronoaZoro said...

look like u grown up woman now.. hehe..

anyway, congratz for the interview... how u get the job! =)

Cikgu_AL said...

wah!!alamnda eh??rindunya!~huhuu

alyzv said...

hehe thanks zoro (=

alyzv said...

yes! i was very disappointed then n cant do anything coz afraid that the mom will snap at me back..hehe

alyzv said...

yeah..i nailed it! hehe

tahu takpe, sedih kan.. i hope tt not all the moms out there are like her..

alyzv said...

yes dear, alamanda la tu..hehe
takpe2 t da lik cini leh lepak seharian kt cini! ;p