Friday, May 21

A is for me!

 A for Alyssa~ 

TAGGED again by the one n only Matt Leopardus
The only person who ever so diligently tags me..haha
then i dunno who to tag back~ not much of a good runner me =(
So, here goes!
The Rules:
It's harder than it looks...

Copy to your own notes...
Erase my answers...
Enter yours and tag twenty (20) people...
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions...
They have to be real...
Nothing made up...
If the person before u had the same first initial, you must use different answers...
You cannot use any words twice...
You can't use your name for the boy / girl name question...

My Answer:

1. What is your name : Alyssa Villamor
2. A four letter word : Anal *haha..thats the only word i had in mind right now~ so dirty ah my mind =_=
3. A boy's name : Adrian
4. A girl's name : Anastasia
5. An occupation : Accountant, Auditor..!! =D
6. A colour : Apple Green ~ my favourite colour if i ever get to own a Chevvy Aveo! ;)
7. Something you wear : Anklets? not that i actually wear noisy
8. A food : Anchovies! 
9. Something found in the bathroom : Aftershave? haha not mine k, its my dads~
10. A place : Arts Center ~ influenced by that korean drama 'Personal Preference'
11. A reason for being late : A lion came and ate my legs, therefore i can't walk and thus i am late..sorry! :P
12. Something u shout : Aaaahhhhh!! XD
13. A movie title : A Cinderella Story ~ love this movie!!
15. A musical group : Artic Monkeys! ~like their songs, n their accents hehe
16. An animal : the Ant eating Aardvark (aka Anteater) ~dunno what an aardvark is? check this out
17. A street name : Jalan AA 31/AA .. haha, not made up k! its real..dun believe me? click here~
18. A type of car : Aveo Chevrolet! hehe ;p
Nak tag siapa? erm~~

miss J

ni je la yang dapat lisa kumpul takat ni~
cukup yek Matt ? ;)

Selamat menjawab tag! =)


Matt Leopardus said...

lyssa, perasan tak soklan no 11 takde, soklan best tu, sila edit post ya, sorry ;) ni soklan dia: 11. A reason for being late

RoronoaZoro said...

oh aku di tag lagi....

hehe.. thx anyway, aku akan jawab secepat munkin ya! ^_-

alyzv said...

huhu baru prasan..ptt la rasa kekurangan jek..

alyzv said...

okei da betulkan da =)

alyzv said...

same2 =)
n slamat menjawab yek~

Matt Leopardus said...

bravo alpha romeo..roger that ;)