Sunday, January 3

Nobody's HOME !

in FRIENDSTER Photobucket

what used to be the one and only place for online socializing
is now un-dead.. (mati tapi hidup jugak)

I recently decided to log in to my FS account,
just to see there are any messages, comments n new pics of friends i had missed.. my disappointment..NONE~

Not that i am all too disappointed!
I JUST realized that MOST of my friends list are sooooo INTO FACEBOOK!
Hari ni facebook,esok facebook, lusa facebook,
we can go the whole day with facebook!
Its where all ur friends are gathered (kindy, elementary, high school)
where else do u need to GO??

So..there was my lonely FS,
untouched for so long,
like the wife waiting for her husband lost at sea
Didn't feel the mood to upload new photos,
well, i uploaded one,
for the sake of keeping it 'alive'
-macam zombie lak =_=

Then i logged off..
and TERINGAT my bro~~
rindu lak kat dak **mok tu
tapi comel kan3 mil :p

He's working on the night shift right now,
at GSC..
Even i wouldnt dare choose the night shift as the 1st job i ever did!
(note: i havent contributed to the work force YET)

There's this thing about after SPM students,
they have so much time in their hands
and just decided to work while they wait for their PLKN or UPU results..
Thus get ur own MONEY!
(nak beli PSP pun bole!)

So Emil's been working for 4 days already
and i MISS him :(
coz when he gets home @ 3am,
i'll be sleeping already
and when i wake up in the morn,
he'll be sleeping ~ tired really really tired..
Tak dapat manja2 ngn dia :P

When can i ever watch a movie with u some more EMIL!
nak tgk Heath Ledger!
(tapi tak kua kat Alamanda agi la)
Cepat2 keje, cepat balik k..
Akak nak balik Kuantan dak esok,
if ur reading this,
i hope ur job matures u k ~ ni la hidup
Ganbatte-bayo my one and only bro! 

1 comment:

♥ SUTERA KASIH ♥ said...

huhu sy pon rndu zmn FS..
now org sume FB..FB..FB..FB..
sgt bosan..uhu
smpai sy delete dh FS sy :(
yg kelakarnya nyesal plak delete smpai sy contact admin FS nk mntak smula FS tu..then dorg ckp CANNOT :'(