Saturday, January 30

Kiss And DO TELL~

Muuuuuaaaahhhh!!'re NOT gonna tell 'somebody' else i kissed YOU right??

DON'T! Pleeeeasseee don't..!

Do take note, that those are NOT my lips - google lips that is ;)
Do you believe in kissing n telling?
And what do you get after all the telling?
Feeling proud? Happy? Satisfied?

AND let me make myself CLEAR here,
'kiss n tell' is another way of saying another something,
not just kissing, BUT also
things that you are supposed to keep to yourself
and NOT tell others (friends and all).

I always hear that, BOYS (men)
Kiss but DON'T TELL
They like to keep it to themselves..
It this true guys? 
Girl..they Kiss and TELL!
too excited i guess, 
so they decided to share their excited-ness with their friends!

Which makes the poor 'kisser' 
the victim here..
how was the 'kiss' he gave her,
was is a 'dream' or another 'nightmare' for her?
Hmm..want to know why some girls like to 'kiss n tell'?
(i say some, because not ALL like to tell)

1. [As i mentioned earlier]She wants to share her excited-ness with her friends.
2. She feels proud saying it out loud.
3. She wants a particular someone to feel 'jealous' - a case of revenge here~
4. She wants another 'kiss'! 
5. She feels like she's on top of the world!

Okei..these are all i could think of right now,
 so..what kind of person are u?

alyzv~ this entry is based on a REAL story~
only HE knows ;)


Zool Blogger said...

Jangan kiss2 ..
Nanti terkiss org tak dikenali..


Alyssa Villamor said...

erk..lisa tak mksudkan kiss betul2 r,tapi maksud zool?