Friday, January 1

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Just look at the casts!
Heath Ledger! Johnny Depp! Jude Law! Colin Farell!
all acting as the same character!

Now ur wondering y?
The character of Tony was supposed to be held by Heath Ledger (ONLY)
until his life came to an end, but the movie had to go on right?

So JD n CF stepped in to colour up the scene!
(konon2 nya  Tony ni boleh transform characters)
It's gonna be an exciting movie this on..espacially when Heath Ledger (n Johnny Depp) is in it!

The movie is about Dr Parnassus who made a bet with the devil..
First he wanted IMMORTALITY..then as he got married he wanted YOUTH
and that's where his bet went wrong~
Guess what he bet on, her daughter!

So the story is about saving the girl- hero stuff!
n also fantasy stuff (hence 'Imaginarium')

Here, watch the Trailer:

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