Sunday, January 24

Am I Colour Blind?

Can U Read These?

If you answered YES to all three..then your retina's are in perfect condition.
(half perfect if your wearing glasses)

I've always thought that being colour blind is something cool
(note: im not colour blind)
Because it means that ur eyes are different,special..
But it may be a HUGE problem to motorists at the traffic light!
A person with this deficiency can't differentiate between the colours red and green..
If it were to show green, he/she would think it red..and likewise~
Try imagining THAT happening on the way/back from work!
Disasters of all traffic jam disasters!!!
I'm thankful that i dont have that,
only that i'm long-sighted~

Okay..thats all im covering bout colour blindness- get to the point of today's entry~

As i was looking around my blog, i noticed that it contained the whole spectrum of colours!
Pink being the main theme~

When as a matter of fact..i'm a purple person..!
(influenced by my nenek)
AND after knowing the effects of purple (high-taste shopaholic) , i switched to the Pink girl..
THEN when my mom started to keep buying Pink stuff for me
i got tired of the Pink
and switched to Brown..!
And i got tired of Brown, and started liking Blue..
THEENNN it was Pink season again =_=
Funny colour cycle eyh?

Then after i met with the 'Geek in Pink', I became the Purple gal..again..fuh~
Because it wouldnt be fun i both of us were the same colour right..

I've always liked colours!
I like to mix them all up, i dont care if they dont match

But hey..they look un-mathcing-ly nice to me! 
It's Something Different

I love to draw colourful mind-mapping notes.
Coz colours are attractive and makes it easier for me to remember my notes.
Most of the time i use 5, and maybe more for one Subject.

And when i comes to clothes,
sometimes i wear a purple shirt, but a green shawl
a red blouse and a purple hijab..
i just throw in anything i could get my hands on! u see how colour-mania i am~

Dont Blame Me..Blame My Creativity~
*haha sounds so cheesy :P

alyzv~my mood determines the colour i wear


Mr. J @ said...

saya rabun warna kelas pertama , disedari bila masuk tingkatan 3 , semasa P. seni . pokok i warnakan merah . daun warna cokelat , .. serius i susah nak bezakan warna unggu - biru , merah - cokelat 0 hijau , kuning - oren . T_T sampai sekarang i xdpt ambil lesen.

Hassan said...

nice antry...

hihi saya baca tu ...

zulhilmi bdk blur said...

same la kite tak nmpk..hihi

Alyssa Villamor said...

@mr.J : yeke?tp ada cara tuk atasi nye kn?

@hassan: thanx :)

@zulhilmi: lor,nampak la, cume rabun jauh jek..huhu