Monday, January 4

1st Day Back


I drove from Putrajaya to Kuantan (with my mom by my side)
It was a sunny day back in KL,
till when we got at the border of the East Coast
it was raining cats n dogs!

My car which was recently serviced/repaired is
now ROSAK again!
We fixed the alignment,
but then silly me (dah ada 4 mata still tak nampak!) 
drove over a pothole!
haisy, buat rugi duit je laaaa Photobucket

The trip to KL-KTN was smooth,
i was quite shocked when i reached the Temerloh RnR
for just 1 and a half hours!
Coz my mom didnt stop me from driving too fast
which means, my driving is kan?

Then in KTN i drove over ANOTHER pothole
a HUGE one!
My front left tire was practically INSIDE that hole!
Rosak la pakwe ke-2 ku lagi :(

We reached home,
and it was still raining so cant bring in my stuff inside yet.
So i sent my mon to the Terminal,
takut jugak nak bagi dia naik bas
sebab kejadian bus accident baru2 ni kan..
Tapi i just THINK POSITIVE..
pray for her to arrive home safely~
My dad called me 2 times!
Worried that my mom hasnt come home yet,
its already been 6-7 hours!
And we cant reach her phone!

Initially i was not thinking about bad stuff happening to her
my mom is a tough woman..i know ;)
Then when she finally called @ 10pm
she explained that there was as traffic jam at KL,
buat orang risau je...huhu

Went back to COLLEGE for my first class of DIA6
Seems like nothing much has changed since the last 2 months we left it..hah!
I found out that MAF330 is about Financial Management
and not Cost Accounting!
I thought i left the book (Fin Mgt) back at home,
until i realized it was right here,
in my huge box of books!
Schedule is usual
Same old friends..just with an extra dash of 'tembam' haha
Same lecturers =)

With only 5 subjects to carry,
i hope i'll be able to increase my CGPA..insya Allah amin~

This sem is gonna be a busy busy one for me,
gotta UP my pointer!
Ganbatte LISA!

alyzv~Its like Winter here in Kuantan Photobucket

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