Saturday, December 26

New Semester Starts...

in 8 days!!
Welcome to Sem6 Alyssa Villamor!

Im having 5 subjects this sem..
MAF, FAR, TAX, AUD, ETR ...dah, cukup! (unless there's more?)

So i'm turning my study mode back into ON!
Study mode to me means
0900 till 1800 in college!
Sometimes @ the library, 'freezing' myself to death..
AND most times @ class..

Then going back home (rumah sewa)
tired and hungry
with no one to cook for me (mama!) hehe
But then, that's a single's life right
*single means not married kan BUT i'm taken.. =D

So then i'll be cooking something simple n fast n easy to cook
NOT Maggi ok friends!
Its not good for da brains..
(everytime new sem starts, and exams r coming i dun eat Maggi)
Maybe nasi goreng, yee mee, sup?
or just biscuits and teh tarik..heh

This new sem i'm gonna try to NOT eat NASI
for one week first,
if my body can take it, then it'll go on longer..MAYBE lisa maybe..Insya Allah
*any of my friends know i cant stand a day without eating rice (lisa gila makan nasik lemak)
Then again, there's many other choices for food out there right!

Boycott McD! hahaha
its been a long time since i ate mcd,
long after i've forgotten how it tastes..fuh~

Yea, i know why i'm boycotting them, and other stuff too
but even if its not because of 'that' reason
(which i assume any knowledgeable someone KNOWS)
i'm doing it for the sake of 'dieting'
what am i dieting for?
my brain..

Mainly im trying to keep my purse as fat as possible
and not to see it always thin and slim almost anorexic!
*kesian kat purse ku..
And fast food is not necessarily healthy food,
or Halal either (read my previous post)

Soo..its gonna be a Great Two-O-One-O 
with new stuff coming ahead
Insya Allah..amin~

alyzv~tak sangka dah 2 tahun lebih lisa duk kt kuantan!


Lovely Emy said...

all the best okey for ur new sem.. :) gambate.!!!

Alyssa Villamor said...

thx emy :D