Wednesday, November 25

the grass is ALWAYS greener!?

whenever i feel envious of someone OR something
i'll remind myself of this saying :

' The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side '

i first heard this one when i was watching a Nickelodeon cartoon back when i was a kid - as told by Ginger.
Ginger was this kid that was kinda unsure about herself,because she's different!
she's not so confident and all however sometimes positive n loves her friends
and also a sensitive one.
I remembered that i liked one of her poem she made and i tried to remake it (not as well as hers heh~)

Well..about that saying..i didnt quite get the meaning when i first heard it..
thinking logically - the GRASS is ALWAYS GREEN no matter which SIDE u look at it ..
there is an even shade on green on any patch on grass u see .. why?
if u'd done ur science experiments well back in primary school u would know y

Imagine a golf field - evenly grass coloured in a fresh shade of green
not one blade of grass is out of colour
this is because they share the same food (the Sun)
they share the same home (the Land)
and the share the same life
THAT is why grass is ALWAYS GREEN
unless u UNgreen it .. by cutting off its life ..

For humans..
the grass is always greener on their other side..
coz they fail to see that.
no matter how they look at it, anywhere else is the same.
When u say the other side is greener
it means that the other side seems to be the BEST side to be in
In some cases it IS..but in MOST cases it is NOT..
its about options n making the right choice
its about acceptance and being grateful -
The grass on the other side may be greener,
but did u ever try ur hardest to make ur's greener then that?
Did u ever stop to ponder if another person on that 'other side'
is also thinking that ur side is greener?

Whenever u feel sad n miserable
dont ever say that another persons life is better then yours
her/his life may just be the same as yours or maybe even worse!

Whenever u feel envious of another persons luck n happiness
pls rethink - it may not be as easy as it seems for that person to achieve.
AND u have ur own luck n happiness too
its just that u dont know how to appreciate n embrace it

The grass may be greener on the other side
BUT what happens when u get to that 'other side'?
u will really regret the trip
and miss the grass u came from.

alyzv~we'r all the same...

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