Thursday, September 3

Saya Anak Malaysia! bukan Melayu bukan Filipina

HEY it rhymes!! (the title of this post)

Every morning i listen to the radio deejays' asking us to be proud of our race
If someone asks "What are U?" what do you think will be ur answer..??

"I am Malaysian"

Not "I am a Malay".
Not "I am a Chinese".
Not "I am an Indian".
Not "I am a Filipino".

This years' theme of 1Malaysia is to show that we should be proud of our nationality
and also dispose the discrimination among races!!
Bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kami roboh~~
Without unity and trust, Malaysia would not exist..betul tak..

Sometimes i wonder what it would be like to live in the days before Merdeka
Everytime i watch those patriotic movies like Hati Malaya or Leftenan Adnan,
i get goosebumps and also shed some tears
y..?? Just Because..
The hardships that they've been through, how they had to fight real hard for their lives, and for their family sake
most importantly~to fight for their freedom, for the freedom of Tanah Melayu
Many lives were lost in order to gain the independence of this land
but it was not in that time..
It was for the sake of its inhabitants as well
for them to live their daily lives peacefully
and to have their own rights to govern their own land - Tanah Melayu~~ u know why u HAVE to be thankful of Malaysia's Independence?
Do u HAVE to celebrate it with concerts and entertainment n stuff??

*mind u that they weren't any movies,concerts etc back then..
sufficient enough that the people had managed to gain sovereign for themselves and the country

if u answered 'Yes' to my 2nd question..
then u may still be in a un-Merdeka state of mind..


alyz~maaf kalu ade yang macam tak lengkap, post kali ni dah seminggu di wat 'pekasam' xtaw nak tambah2 pe lagi dah

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