Tuesday, August 4

my muse

i wanna watch The Proposal!!!Photobucket
i dont care if i have to watch it ALONE
i wanna watch it as soon as i can!
but when?!?!?!

my friends? they're not back from their holiday-ing la
and its such a long wait!

today i just stayed at home
tak keluar pown..tak de motif nak keluar hari ni
no motive to risk my life on the H1N1 pandemic~
so home alone i stayed..
its a good thing i bought enough supplies for me to eat!
cukup la untuk bagi kenyang~

i cooked alfredo for my lunch
its kinda like macaroni and cheese only it uses a different kind of pasta
huh dah itu jew yang paling senang untuk dimasak!
and for dinner > maggi ayam!!hehe
kalaulah ade dapur, da lama masak yang lagi besh
tapi malangnya tak ada.. jadi ni je la yang termampu~~

well..about that movie (the proposal)
rase2 macam nak tgk je esok
xkesah la kesorangan
dah nekad nak tgk nie!
takkan la nak ajak that guy friend!
no way! mesti rase janggal gile2!huh
soo..just wat tak taw la pe orang fikir,
its not Pathetic to watch a movie urself..!!

alyzv~ Inspiration is really somthing i need right now
being alone really really encourages one to do stuff one can't imagine of doing..

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Att Ashburn said...

boleh je tgk sorg2 lisa huhu..