Sunday, July 26

I'm VERY VERY SORRY!!Lisa Mintak Maaf..~~

Lisa mintak maaf
Lisa xsengaja
Lisa xde niat pn nak wat macam tu
Sungguh..Lisa harap dapat sangat elakkan benda tu berlaku..

I didn't mean to do it
U know i won't have the guts to even HURT u
U r so fragile, who would even THINK of hurting u??

from the VERY bottom of my heart..
If only I could turn back time
I wish I'd never done what I've done to u...

It is something i really hate myself for doing
something that i really tried to avoid..
I drove over a dead cat
the cat was already lying dead in the middle of the road
in the right lane of the highway
This Happened just a few hours ago
when i was driving back home from Giant
I thought that I have maneuvered the car far enough to avoid the 'strange bump in the road'
it was so dark, i didn't imagine that it would be a dead living thing
no one could move it over to the side of the road
because it was a busy road, with lots of fast cars...

Sorry Kucing...Lisa mintak maaf
Sorry to all cat lovers out there
i really3 didn't mean to do it to our friend..
Sorry sorry sorry~~

alyz~ its really important for me to have to say im sorry, coz then i'll have a trauma the nex time im driving at nite time...xnak wat langgar lari da Photobucket

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