Wednesday, June 17

of Myspace,Friendster,Tagged,etc...

Lately i have been observing the 'younger' generation - my brother, Emil
ya la, younger la then me kn..huhuhu
*btw he's in Form5

I saw how important Technology is becoming to them
as a way to -connect- with friends


these are some of the social networking websites that lets u
be more closer to ur 'already close' friends
or maybe meet a total stranger n BECOME the closest friends ever..
u'll keep on adding friends n people will keep on adding u
till u reach the most number of friends u'll never even have
in real life
THEN u'll feel the most greatest glow on ur face-of happiness n kepuasan
for being the most 'popular' girl/boy
in the cyberworld

pathetic..isn't it not..?

i was 'young' once
loved to add people
i loved looking at the total amount of friends in my Myspace
i envied other people who had much more friends then me
i even wasted precious studying time to decorate my profile
AND commented on other peoples' cute profile
i didn't felt that it was pathetic
i was just looking for something to do
~filling time...

it was fun~
being lost in the surf
being totally forgetting all ur worries
like nothing else mattered anymore
its just u n the PC+server

tu la darah remaja..heh~

back then i thought that
i'll never get tired of the internet
i was puzzled by some of my older friends that said
'dah bosan la layan mys/fs nie..'
just because...

Sekarang hanya tinggal kenangan~
its not the same as it was back then
u've had it once,u've had it all..

For me..
the internet is a place where
i download ALL my favourite movies n mp3!hehe
its illegal right? shhh~~

alyzv~ People Move On
learning..maturing..growing up..

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