Friday, June 26

The News that Rocked the World

I was just sending my mom to work this morning
listening to the radio
it was a normal morning..

then i switched to Flyfm
THEN the NEWS that shocked the whole world!!

" Micheal Jackson has passed away due to cardiac arrest this morning at the age of 50 "

HAH?? i couldn't believe what my ears were hearing to!
n suddenly tears start to well up in my eyes ( the dj was talking like so sad n like she wanted to cry huh~)

i practically grew up listening to MJ's songs (influence from my tatay)
n watching his really awesome music videos ( Earth Song )!!
u will never get tired of listening to his songs
n u'll even feel like dancing to it (even if it looks silly)

He IS an inspiration [fullstop]

He had a really tough childhood
well, not exactly a childhood
however he tried to regain it in his adult years...(living in Neverland)
in spite of all the things he's done,
u won't be able to deny his pure TALENT ( i love all of his songs!!!)
he may be the reason i've loved music since i was a foetus!!hah! (kena tanya mama balik =P )

So to all MJ fans out there,
lets remember the King of Pop as the greatest music inspiration ever born..!!

alyzv~ all the greatest stars die too soon =(

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