Thursday, April 23

its a new trend ... y try it?

its like a trend..EVERYONE in the world wide web has ONE..
ur blog is like ur diary, that u want to show to ur friends..and some other anonymous people...right?

so u write ur every worries, sorrows and happy and sad shortcomings..

u write just because u are bored, u dont know what else is there to seach in Youtube, or just probably because u have so many ideas in ur mind that needs a 'popular' medium to explode onto...maybe..perhaps..?

some may read ur blog just to pass their time, some may give bad comments while some give encouraging ones...

its tiring..but in d end its for ur own satisfaction..
it doesnt matter if anybody is or is not reading this blog..
at least im satisfied with my work.. ;D

alyzv~ bosan, ni je la idea yg terhasil waktu nie

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