Wednesday, April 1

=IF ( lintah >= muka , lintah*muka , "rawatan","keje gile")

my mom just called me a few minutes ago asking me ," lisa penah dgr x sal rawatan jerawat yang gune lintah tu?"

"penah..ala ma, benda tu da lama da laa.."

"yeke..mama baru jumpe article ni dlm internet, mmg berkesan la kot, org tu dia taruk dlm 3 lintah kat muka lisa pastu dia biarkan lintah tu makan darah2 yng kotor kt muka lisa, bila lintah tu da montel dia pn jatuh la..lintah tu pulak dia xkan recycle da tpi dia bia lintah tu mati *kekejaman terhadap makhluk yg da tlg kte :< " ... .. . *long pause . .. ... "o0o yeke..da tu mama nk lisa try la nie?" "yeap!" EHH!!chup3! the idea of having 3 little slimy worm like thing-y sucking blood from my face sounds soooo mengelikan...! Tiba2 je dpt flashback to the time i had my 1st pacat-bite.. it was during the college orientation week, we had to bathe through thick brown slimy earthy mud to get to the campsite everything was ok, mandi-mandi berlumurkan lumpur yang sememangnya mampu melicinkan kulit, jadi xkesah la baju da kotor gle da pun..takat nie semua cool when we reached our destination, one of our friends didn't come back.. the facilitator yelled at us "nape korang ni xpeka dgn kwn sendiri? mcm ni ko nk berkawan, ko biarkan kawan ko sorang kt utan tu cmne kalu dia tu da pengsan ke da sesat ke da mati ha? ko nk wat ape??" um well, it sounded something quite like that..i cant remember the exact words BECAUSE at the same time i was scratching my feet up to my ankles.. THEN i felt something slimy, SOMETHING STUCK somewhere near my left ankle.. AND there was more and more shouting more anger more fighting ( this was the part when one of the girls was being shouted at by the facililator and one of the boys went out to protect her..!!sooo heroic) but what do i care..!! ade pacat mengeget2 kaki lisaaaaa!! well..i didn't know what to do at that time..mcm nk nanges pn ironi nye, everyone was also crying but not becos of the pacat on my ankle.. =_= so..i did cry but not because of my 'lost friend'... FINALLY that friend came back n we all kissed n hugged n said sorry to her.. huhuhu pacat tu? my friend saw it n offered to pull it away from its love bite YAY bebas ku bebas!! so what about that leech treatment? why not..? just grab the chance 2 do something crazy u only live once.. right?

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